Welcome aboard on our journey through Play in the Time of Pandemic! We are Andrea Laser and Dennis DeBay and we will be your facilitators, guides, flight attendants through play in the time of pandemic.

What you'll find on board. This page will lay out what our initial thoughts are during this week of play. Here you will find:

  • About your facilitators
  • What does a day look like?
  • What to do before you "arrive" to DPL on Monday

Who are we and what do we do?

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

Dennis DeBay: Hi folks, and welcome to our course. I am an assistant professor of Mathematics Education at CU Denver. My focus in my work life is how we can humanize mathematics for everyone. YOU ARE ALL MATH PEOPLE! What that ultimately means, is how we make math meaningful and fun. We need to PLAY in math class! My avocation connects to music. My undergraduate degree is in music performance and I play instruments to relieve stress, have fun and escape to another world. My inspiration is my 4 year old who identifies as a mathematician and scientist every moment she can.

Andrea Laser: Hi all! I am so excited to have the opportunity to get know you all– I cannot think of many platforms that allow collaboration about play over 16 time zones! I am a senior instructor in Early Childhood Education at CU Denver. Prior to working in higher education, I worked in early childhood settings in public schools for 16 years– allowing me to play all the time. I am thrilled to have a week dedicated to really thinking about what play means across different types of settings and why it is so important in times of high stress (like, now). My favorite people to play with are my two children (ages 8 and 12), and my favorite place to play is near water.

Flight Plan

Here are the components that are available for each day of play. We hope to engage in each of these as we move through the course. You will see throughout the course the icons that connect to each of the daily playtime ideas and resources.

Daily Planner: Each day we will have a corresponding page that connects to the daily experiences, including ideas for daily recess, readings, discussions and play-time activities. Be sure to check these out so you don't miss out on the fun!

Synchronous play: We will be engaging in some synchronous Zoom times throughout the DPL week. Since we cover many timezones (16!!!) we have decided that noon EST will cover most folks as our daily time to meet. For those of you who cannot attend, we will be sure to record the sessions and get them up as soon as possible. Here is a link to the Zoom room we will use.

Discussion: Throughout our week together, we will have opportunities to engage with one another in some asynchronous discussions via Discourse. We hope these will provide additional opportunities to build community and consider our thoughts on play.

Reflection: We want you to be able to engage in play this week and imagine big opportunities and possibilities for centering or incorporating play into your practice– the reflections will give space to pause and consider how you are experiencing play and making meaning of it within your own practice.

Individual / Group Project: We want this week to be not only about imagining big possibilities, but also give you an opportunity to make the learning relevant to your current context. We invite you to have a project that you are working on that you can take away some component of, as an artifact from the week.

You have arrived! Welcome to DPL- it is play o'clock in Denver and the weather is fine. Please enjoy your stay at DPL or wherever your final destination might be.

Photo by Adrian Smith on Unsplash