• Bring to our synchronous session (12PM EDT): some pictures connected what you enjoy about what you do (historic, current and/or future).
  • Create a StoryMap Account (See Diane's notes below)
  • Our zoom link for today's conversation: https://ucdenver.zoom.us/j/95429418812

Welcome Video

Co-Collaborator Introduction - Diane Fritz - Geospatial Services Specialist - Auraria Library

Day 1 - Meaningful Connections

In this daily Reflection Activity we will be discussing our own 'content area identities' and how that has potential to connect to play. We are all knowledgable and get excited about our fields which becomes an important part of our identities in our respective fields. As we consider bringing that excitement, curiosity, and relevance to our work, we wonder how this may connect to the meaningful connections to our students and/or the people we work with. They each have their own unique identities, and in fact, may not find themselves connected to 'your' content at all. What are the things that we love about what we do? How can we use that to figure out what our students could connect to in our content? How do we make this playful?

About StoryMaps and how to create a StoryMaps account

Find Diane's HowTo_StoryMaps notes here in our google drive folder.

Creating a StoryMap

Diane's discussion about StoryMaps

Examples of StoryMaps

Using the Widgets in StoryMaps

Adding Maps to StoryMaps

  1. Daily Recess: Collaborative Map- Building a Collaborative Play Space Using Jamboard. Directions to this recess fun are linked here.
  2. Reflection: Start to build your own StoryMap. You can find the general idea here, but please make it your own!

In Discourse, please share with use the project you are hoping to work on this week and if you would like, share a link to your rough draft StoryMap and how you might consider using the StoryMap platform in the future.