Meet Joy. Maybe she's always been your friend or maybe it is time to be reintroduced.

Daily planner - do as much or as little as you would like (details are following this section):

-Read the articles below, watch the videos below

-Engage in something that brings you joy

-Reflect on joy by making a "minizine"

-Discuss your joyful experience in Discourse, post pics of your "minizine"

Synchronous zoom– come play with us at 12PM EDT. Link:

***Bonus Office Hours– if you want to come chat, we will be in the same Zoom link from 4-5PM EDT***

Helpful readings- check out these three articles about play, joy, and why it matters:

We Feel, Therefore We Learn: The Relevance of Affective and Social Neuroscience to Education

Why it’s important to find moments of joy in a crisis — and teach kids to do the same

Adults need recess too. Here’s why you should make time to play.
Happiness expert Gretchen Rubin discovered a handful of strategies for living a happier life. Rubin says,


About our co-collaborators, Drs. Lisa Forbes and David Thomas:

Watch as many or as few as interest you!

Question 1: What does fostering fun mean?

Question 2: Share your model of fun.

Question 3: In under one minute, convince me that play matters– in spite of all the content that has to be taught.

Question 4: How are play and stress related?

Question 5: Tell us about the most fun you have had in an educational setting.


Engage in something that you love, that brings you joy. For as long as you want, but at least 30 minutes.

Inspired by this article from NPR, we would love for you to make a "minizine." Consider following an eight page format, possibly each page addressing one prompt:

  1. Title and byline of your minizine
  2. What types of activities/experiences bring you joy?
  3. What is the hardest thing about engaging in joyful play?
  4. How could you change your practice about engaging in joyful play?
  5. What is something new you are learning about play?
  6. How could play help your students or those with whom you work?
  7. Who does play leave out?
  8. How could play change the world? Could it??

Discussion (two groups):

In Discourse, post a pic or some pics of your "minizine" and also reflect about your joyful experience. What did you do, how did it feel? The links below should take you to your smaller group:

Group 1: Abby, Angela, Christine, Elisabeth, Jane, Jennifer M., Justin, Susie

Group 2: Jennifer E., Lisa, Ninder, Bronwen, Jen C-M., Sam, Kayla, Tina, Yannis

Whole group google folder: Add any resources, ideas, whatever here!