Daily planner

  1. Be sure to find some time to be playful today (no less than 30 minutes). What did that look like to you? Was it meaningful? Joyful? Social?
  2. Take a look at our readings for today.
  3. We will be playfully collaborating in our Synchronous Zoom meeting (Remember 1pm EST today). Come to our zoom ready to chat about your project ideas. We will be focusing more on this for the last part of the week.
  4. Take a look at the Project section at the last part of the day. We want you to have some you time today. Spend time working on your play project, StoryMap or whatever brings you joy. Potential Prompt: How does it connect to meaningful, joyful, being social?
  5. We are going to have a Happy Hour social tomorrow in lieu of Office Hours at 8:30pm EST (same zoom link) to accommodate some of the other time zones. Come chat and bring your favourite beverage.

Synchronous zoom– come play with us at 1PM EDT. Link: https://ucdenver.zoom.us/j/95429418812

Helpful readings/resources- check out these articles about social interaction and play:

  1. {Andrea}: I remembered today about this podcast and associated book, and I am so mad I forgot to add it to our Joy page. The podcast is titled, "Tending Joy and Practicing Delight", and the book is The Book of Delights by Ross Gay. Give yourself the gift of an hour with this podcast! And then, read the book :)
  2. Why Having Friends is Good for You
  3. This one is pretty education centered, but has helpful info for all– I think :) The Impact of Social Interaction on Student Learning